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Genie 02 Prototype sold


This watch seems to be a very attractive relic of a very fruitful era that can logically be attributed to the period from 2004 to around 2015, when the watch industry experienced a flood of outstanding designs, often superfluous, overly complex movements and unusual complications. Specializing in the latter category was the small creative brand Breva, which introduced its watches in a short period of three years, from 2013 to 2015. Two names appear in the brand's history: the entrepreneur Vincent Dupontreué, who founded Breva Genève SA in 2010 and sold it in 2015, shortly after launching the third chapter of his watchmaking adventure, the Génie 03 Anémomètre watch, and Jean-François Mojon, the head of the Chronode complex movement atelier in Geneva, who is responsible for the technical development of all three of Breva's main models, Génie 01, 02 and 03. The idea that inspired Vincent Dupontreué to found his own watch brand was the invention of unusual functions. This is not to say that he was actually the first to incorporate a barometer and an altimeter into a watch, but he does have the honor of being the first to create luxury, fully mechanical wristwatches with these devices that also function on a mechanical basis.


The Breva Génie 02 Terre Prototype is an extremely rare watch that was produced in 2014. The movement of this watch appears to be a significant technical evolution of the original Génie 01 caliber, with an additional precise altitude indication. The exceptional performance features are complemented by the bold, robust design of the brushed, textured and polished titanium case and the technically clean and informative dial, making this watch one of the most compelling expressions of the engineering style in luxury watchmaking at the time.


If in the Génie 01 watch he chose to incorporate barometer and altimeter functions, in the Génie 02 we find an advanced altimeter with a double display, coarse and precise, and a fine adjustment of the displays to the current air pressure. A watch connoisseur will probably be attracted not so much by the functions of these watches as by the almost perfect execution of the corresponding mechanisms. Obviously, the tastes of the two protagonists, Vincent Dupontreué and Jean-François Mojon, came together here. The watch is crafted in the typically technical style of the latter, with clear, concise contours of all parts and the obligatory signs of luxury watchmaking, such as a textured frosted finish on the bridges, an even more impressive frosted surface on the sub-dials, partial skeletonization of the bridges, clear chamfers that are not polished but also textured, flat polished screw heads, brushed steel levers, clear markings with lumi and three crowns with a unique relief design. The lever, which is clearly visible above the aneroid capsules, transmits the combined height of the two capsules to the two altimeter displays via a complex system of gears, springs, levers and racks - allowing us to immerse ourselves in the inner world of the altimeter, giving us a special sense of participation in the magic of precision mechanics.

Furthermore, the pre-production prototype of the Breva Génie 02 Terre offered here is one of the rarest watches of the brand, which ceased operations in 2015.


D=44,7 х 15,6
GlassSapfire glass
Case materialTitanium


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