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UR-105 Clockwork Orange CHF 40 000


Urwerk has been developing the design of its wandering hour complication since the very beginning. The first models UR-101 and UR-102, which were equipped with such a time display, were launched in 1997. The development of the successor model UR-103 took several years and the first timepieces were presented by the brand in 2003. The UR-103 is widely regarded as the starting point for the brand’s success. With the UR-103.01, Urwerk achieved worldwide fame and at the same time established its supremacy in the production of watches with wandering hour complication, which have become synonymous and symbolic of the brand. Connoisseurs of fine watchmaking embraced the watch with great enthusiasm, and many still consider it to be Urwerk’s finest design. In 2010, the UR-103 was finally discontinued and the brand began developing the new versions with an alternative design. In 2015, Urwerk clearly focused on the UR-105 TA series: there were four releases over the course of the year, all with the UR-5.02 caliber. This is the UR-105 TA 'All Black' (100 pieces) with black PVD titanium case, black PVD steel bezel together with bright yellow indexes on black background, the UR-105 TA RG (100 pieces) with black PVD titanium case, 18k red gold circularly brushed bezel and white indexes on black background, UR-105 TA 'Black Lemon' (100 pieces) with uncoated titanium case, black PVD steel bezel, luminous yellow minute track and satellites with black numerals and UR-105 TA 'Black Orange' (100 pieces) with titanium case, black PVD steel bezel, luminous orange minute track and satellites with black numerals. The successor line UR-105 CT, which was launched in 2017, offers two important innovations compared to the UR-105 TA. First, it is the caliber UR-5.03, an updated version of the UR-5.02, which received an openworked aluminum carousel and three mainplates of the caliber made of an Arcap alloy, as well as two new displays: a seconds disс on the dial below the carousel at the 60-minute position and the power reserve indicator on the opposite side, at the zero mark. Secondly, the watch case is designed in the “Targa" style, i.e. it is equipped with a hinged dial cover that can be opened so that the carousel of the wandering hour mechanism is almost completely visible when it is opened. The UR-105 CT from 2017 is available in two versions: UR-105 CT Streamliner 'Iron' with a blackened titanium case, a 'Targa' bezel made of mirror-polished steel and a black dial with red accents (50 pieces) and UR-105 CT Streamliner 'Black' with a blackened titanium case, a 'Targa' bezel made of black PVD-coated steel and bright yellow accents around the black dial (limited edition of 50 pieces). The series was completed with three unusual models: UR-105 CT 'Kryptonite' with a case made of black-coated titanium, a 'Targa' bezel made of AlTiN-coated stainless steel, green and light blue lumi (50 pieces, 2018), UR-105 CT Maverick with a black-coated titanium case and a bronze 'Targa' bezel (22 pieces, 2019) and UR-105 CT TTH 'Tantalum Hull' with a black-coated titanium case and a tantalum 'Targa' bezel (12 pieces, 2021).


The Urwerk UR-105 TA 'Clockwork Orange' Limited Edition 100 would be an attractive purchase for the collector thanks to its bold, futuristic, orange-accented all-black design and the rare wandering hour complication in the original 'flat' geometry developed by the world-renowned small creative brand since 1997. The present example is one of only eight editions of the UR-105 TA with the automatic caliber UR-5.02 featuring an aerodynamic turbine regulation of the winding efficiency – each of them deserves the special attention of the discerning collector. The UR-105 TA "Clockwork Orange" was released in 2016 in a limited edition of 100 pieces of the total UR-105 TA production of 559 pieces. This number should be considered small enough to make the release attractive in the eyes of a collector, and at the same time it is optimal so that the watch does not disappear from the market and its constant presence on the market allows an objective assessment of the value of this edition. This UR-105 TA "Clockwork Orange" belongs to the second generation of the UR-105 line, which in our opinion is the most impressive realization of the original flat version of Urwerk's wandering hour complication. The all-black design of the UR-105 TA "Clockwork Orange" with blackened titanium case, blackened steel bezel and black strap highlights the black dial with orange markers. It is worth noting that Urwerk is one of the few brands that regularly uses a color-accented, all-black design. The successful combination of this design and the wandering hour mechanism contributes to the appeal of many Urwerk watches. The title "Clockwork Orange", a quote from Stanley Kubrick, opens up another dimension in the perception of this watch.


This UR-105 TA 'Clockwork Orange' made of blackened titanium and PVD-treated steel bezel from a limited edition of 100 pieces was launched in 2016 along with two other editions, the UR-105 TA T-Rex with high relief guilloché bronze bezel and a small opening on the front (caliber UR-5.02, 22 pieces) and the UR-105 TA RGG ('Raging Gold', with the same caliber, guilloché on the bezel and limitation). Finally, there was the elusive UR-105 TA CC edition with a black PVD titanium case, a black PVD steel bezel and black satellites with red cut-outs, which was (allegedly) produced in 2018 in a limited edition of 15 pieces. This extremely rare edition marks the end of the history of the UR-105 TA line with the caliber UR-5.02, the second generation of the UR-105.


CaseBlack titanium case, crown at 12 o'clock, unusually shaped saphire crystal , caseback with two "Turbines" and winding rate setting lever
DialOrange wandering hours complication for hours and minutes
MovementAutomatic movement with wandering hours complication and winding rate setting lever
D=39mm x 50mm


Case:Very good, no signs of use
Dial:Mint condition
Movement:Good, works properly
Amplitude (Dial on top/Lift angle 52):ca. 280 degrees
Accuracy (Dial on top):- 5 sec. / day


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