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Legacy Machine 101 in Stainless Steel CHF 60 000


Maximilian Büsser, founder and CEO of MB&F, explained the concept of the Legacy Machine (LM) collection as if it were the watches of his brand that were created a hundred years ago, at the beginning of the 20th century. Unlike the original MB&F flagship Horological Machine (HM) collection, the LM watches therefore have a round case shape, common to pocket watches, and an exposed balance wheel on the dial side, similar to those used by some creative watchmakers in the 19th century. The Legacy Machine 101 (LM101), launched in 2014, is a continuation of the concept of the earlier LM1 and LM2 models. The LM101 name, which appears in place of the expected LM3, is a deliberately inconsistent Legacy Machines naming scheme introduced by Maximilian Büsser after the release of LM1 and LM2, as it reflects his desire to break with traditional expectations and create a unique story for each design. And finally, to differentiate the LMs from the HMs, which have a uniform name.


The LM101 is one of the most popular among the Legacy Machines and perhaps in the entire MB&F collection, although Maximilian Büsser recalled that initially, when this watch came out, no one wanted to buy it and it was their worst selling machine for many years. The situation changed when the brand released a version in palladium with a greenish-grey dial, which sold out almost immediately. And after this release, the LM101 became a highly sought-after design. This is reflected in the number of versions that have been released since 2014: 14 editions in total, nine of which are limited editions. Originally, in 2014, the Legacy Machine 101 was available in 18k white gold with a black sunburst dial (the present example) or in 18k rose gold with a silver-grey dial. In 2015, two frosted editions were released in 18k rose gold (33 pieces) and 18k yellow gold (18 pieces) as well as the LM101 Limited Edition for Hodinkee in stainless steel with a brown sunburst dial (10 pieces), which was supplemented a year later, in 2016, by a version in platinum 950 with a blue dial (33 pieces). The famous palladium version with a greenish-grey dial (18 pieces) was introduced in 2019. In 2020, the line continued in collaboration with H. Moser & Cie.: 4 limited editions LM101 MB&F x H. Moser of 15 pieces each in stainless steel were released with fumé dials in Funky Blue, Red, Cosmic Green and an Aqua Blue edition exclusively for Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons. These editions are characterized by a 'concept' design without dial markings and a fumé dial - both typical of H. Moser & Cie. and a Straumann double hairspring produced by the same brand. In 2021, the series was expanded with three new editions: in 18k white gold with a purple dial, in 18k rose gold with a dark blue dial and in stainless steel with a light blue dial, all with a Straumann double hairspring.


While the LM1 had two captain's watch-like sub-dials for the time display and the LM2 had a movement with two balances, the LM101 had one balance, one sub-dial for the time display and another sub-dial for a power reserve indicator, which is very useful for a hand-wound watch. In addition, the LM101 is the most compact member of the collection with its 40 mm case, allowing MB&F to call the LM101 its most elegant timepiece.


D=40 mm




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