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Greubel Forsey

Signature 1 in Stainless Steel


It has taken Greubel Forsey 12 years to evolve from its first double tourbillon, presented in 2004, the year the company was officially founded, to the Signature 1, the simplest model in the brand's catalog. Up to this point, Greubel Forsey has positioned itself as a master of complex mechanical watches with excellent finishing, the brand's main weapon to win the hearts of fans. This weapon is particularly emphasized in the Signature 1 - by the extra extreme simplicity of the caliber, when the masterful execution is not overshadowed by a double, high-speed, oblique or quarter tourbillon, a double balance wheel or an even more complex play around these complications with the addition of other complications - up to the Grande Sonnerie, the most complex watch offered by Greubel Forsey. Experts compare the concept of the Signature 1 with perhaps the most famous simple watch by an independent watchmaker - the Simplicity by Philippe Dufour: here, too, the focus is on the traditionally fine craftsmanship of finishing all parts of the watch. The Signature 1 also differs from all other Greubel Forsey watches because in this case the name of the chief watchmaker responsible for the development and production of this watch is not hidden. Moreover, his name appears on the watch along with the names of the brand’s founders, both on the dial and on the movement side – it is Didier J. G. Cretin, who has worked for Greubel Forsey since its foundation. The Signature 1 was launched in 2016. The watch was produced in 4 versions: in platinum (11 pieces), in white gold (11 pieces), in rose gold (11 pieces) and, for the first time for the brand, in stainless steel (33 pieces). The Signature 1 in steel could be pre-ordered in three versions: with steel case, blue dial and gray movement (Edition 1, limited to 11 pieces); with steel case, black dial and salmon-colored movement (Edition 2, 11 pieces); and the present version with steel case, black dial and white metal colored movement (Edition 3, 11 pieces). For the collection of a luxury watch brand, the Signature 1 really is a very simple watch, with hour, minute and small seconds hands, with a classic lever escapement and without a single additional complication. At the same time, the utmost care and attention has been paid to the finishing of every single part. A full description of all the finishing features would be very extensive, so we will concentrate on the most important details. The main sub-dial and the small seconds sub-dial are made of 18k white gold with perfectly smooth mirror bevels. The dark anthracite-colored main sub-dial has a double bevel as it consists of two parts, with a sunburst chapter ring and a grained center zone, while the small seconds sub-dial is grained and silvered. Both sub-dials are inscribed with Grand Feu enamel. The attention to detail is also evident in the recess at the lower edge of the main sub-dial, which allows a complete, non-overlapping view of the large 12.6 mm balance.


The Signature 1 Stainless Steel Edition No.3 is an attractive purchase for collectors and enthusiasts of Greubel Forsey watchmaking, as it offers the opportunity to acquire a very rare timepiece in a unique edition of only 11 pieces. Naturally, we are impressed by the brand's high level of craftsmanship, which is evident in the fine finishing of the movement, dial, case and even the buckle - characteristic of a brand that occupies one of the highest places in the ranking of luxury watch manufacturers. The charismatic design with a large balance wheel, a large black polished balance bridge and eccentric sub-dials makes this watch memorable and recognizable. Very importantly, with a case diameter of 41.3 mm and a height of 11.3 mm, the watch is Greubel Forsey's most compact and thinnest watch, which is important for wearing comfort. What makes it even more attractive is the fact that this is the first steel edition in the brand's collection.


The balance was specially designed for this watch; Greubel Forsey and Didier J. G. Cretin felt that a perfectly symmetrical, free-sprung arrangement with adjusting screws would be best suited to this project. Thus, a beautiful scheme with a Geneva stud cap with two screws and a hairspring with a Breguet end curve could be used, giving the best isochronism and emphasizing the high-quality execution. The balance bridge is one of the most beautiful and meticulously finished parts of the caliber. Many brands pay less attention to the finishing of the tourbillon bridge compared to this balance bridge. This Signature 1's bridge is decorated with black polishing, one of the most difficult finishing techniques, which is an excellent result considering the considerable size of the bridge. Another black polished part can be seen on the back of the movement - the three-legged barrel bridge typical of Greubel Forsey watchmaking. This black polished bridge provides an excellent contrast to the textured grain of all the other bridges in the movement. The decision for this finish was made literally at the last moment before the model went into production, while the barrel bridge of the pre-production prototype has a circular, brushed finish. In addition, the bridges of the Signature 1 movement are finely beveled and polished. This work was executed to the highest standards of modern industry; the impeccable execution of the sharp corners, external and especially inner, deserves special attention. We find the hand-polished chamfers in the countersinks around screws, pins, shafts and in the gold chatons appealing; the countersinks at the heads of the hands are particularly beautiful - this decorative technique is extremely rarely used in modern wristwatches. Below the main sub-dial, the bridge decorated with Côtes de Genève is also remarkable - this decoration was apparently used for the first time on a Greubel Forsey watch. Some of the screws of the caliber are blued, which is rare for watches of this brand.


D=41.4 mm




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