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Daniel Roth

Le Sentier in Stainless Steel with Salmon Dial CHF 10 000


Daniel Roth, considered one of the most important modern watchmakers, is celebrated as a visionary in the art of complicated mechanical watchmaking at the highest level. After fifteen years as a senior watchmaker at Breguet, where he revived the classic Breguet style and developed several iconic watches, including tourbillon, chronograph and perpetual calendar models, as well as the charismatic Ref. 3130, inspired by Breguet’s pocket watch No. 5 from 1794, he founded his own brand in 1989. For his brand, Daniel Roth developed a unique style, a kind of late 20th century Breguet with a double-arched Ellipsocurvex case that is instantly recognizable among watch connoisseurs, with modest but impressive ruthenium-coated guilloché dials and blued steel ‘arrowhead’ hands. Among Daniel Roth’s masterpieces, the tourbillons and perpetual calendars are probably the most memorable and sought-after. Crafted to the highest standards, his watches are characterized by attractive and finely crafted guilloché dials, charismatic double-arch cases and haute horlogerie movements. Looking for ways to develop the brand further, he sold the company to Singaporean luxury retailer The Hour Glass in 1994 and eventually left after it was sold again to Bulgari in 2000. Nevertheless, his approach to intricate watchmaking and his inimitable style were retained in the Daniel Roth collection under Bulgari’s supervision until 2010, when the production of collections bearing the Daniel Roth brand name was discontinued.


We find the simple automatic Daniel Roth watches of the early period particularly valuable because they offer the clearest and most impressive expression of the Daniel Roth style with a dial that is not burdened with complications. This stainless steel Le Sentier Salmon Dial Ref. 2157/T157 is one of Daniel Roth's first early Ref. 2157/T157s, as evidenced by the solid steel caseback beneath which runs the superb slim Frédéric Piguet 9.51 self-winding movement. This watch is made even more attractive by the popular, charismatic combination of a steel case and a salmon-colored dial with ‘ligné guilloché' and blued steel ‘arrowhead’ hands and a striking central seconds hand featuring a T-shaped counterweight, typical of early Daniel Roth watches.


It may sound strange, but it is nevertheless true: perpetual calendars and especially tourbillons from Daniel Roth attracted the most attention and were in great demand, especially in the early days of the brand. Watches from the early days still attract a lot of attention today as interest in watches from leading independent watchmakers and small creative brands increases. Daniel Roth occupies one of the most prestigious places in this exclusive circle.

It should be noted that the predominant perpetual calendars and tourbillons of the early Daniel Roth period were not the brand's only offerings. In addition to them, there were other models in the catalog that the modern collector community is increasingly interested in. Many of them were not entirely successful attempts by the brand to appeal to a broader clientele, and now we are discovering real gems among them. One of these models is a medium-sized automatic watch, originally designated Ref. 2157, later known as Ref. T157. The Daniel Roth Automatic Date Ref. 2157/T157 was introduced in late 1991 or probably 1992 as a "newer" mid-size watch, equipped with a high-quality automatic caliber and a practical date display for daily wear.

We are sure that the simple automatic Daniel Roth watches of the early period are particularly valuable because they allow the clearest and most impressive expression of the Daniel Roth style with a dial that is not overloaded with complications, while the perpetual calendars and tourbillons of the early Daniel Roth period are a different story. The laconic style of the Ref. 2157/T157 and some other simple early models leave us with the excellent Daniel Roth design, characterized by a unique double-arched case, a 'ligné' guilloché dial and "arrowhead" hands in blued steel with a distinctive central seconds hand featuring a T-shaped counterweight.

This watch is a rare interpretation of the Daniel Roth style with a copper-colored dial, better known as a 'salmon dial'. This is very popular with collectors, especially when you consider that the case is made of stainless steel - which makes this piece even more attractive.

The Ref. 2157/T157 is powered by a 3.25 mm thick 9''' Frédéric Piguet 9.51 movement, which is beautifully finished, although on this watch it is concealed under a solid caseback, indicating both the rarity of this piece, as almost all Ref. 2157/T157 pop-ups have an exhibition caseback, which has the advantage of allowing you to enjoy the view of a rare Frédéric Piguet. But this watch has another, in our opinion even more valuable advantage - it is a very early example, possibly one of the first Ref. 2157/T157s made by Daniel Roth.


GlassSapfire glass
FunctionsDate, hours, minutes, seconds
Case materialSteel
YearCa. 1990's


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